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Check out the heat early!

Fall is in the air! The heat is gone and it really feels good to finally get some cooler temperatures. The leaves are turning and it’s cold at night. So far, daytime temperatures have not quite been cold enough to need the furnace or heat pump — but heating season is just around the corner. Don’t wait for a frigid day to test your heating system. Give it a spin early so we can be sure it will work when needed. It’s a good idea to open the windows in your house when you first test your heating system after it’s been idle all summer long. You may smell a burning smell when you first run the furnace that dissipates soon enough. This happens when the dust that has built up on the heating coils over the summer is burnt off. This should only happen the first time you fire it up. If you find that your heating system is not heating well, give us a call — we’re here to help!

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