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Question: Should I have my Air Conditioning System Serviced this Spring?

With Spring in the air, my thoughts turn to the “Spring Rush”. This is the time when everyone who did not have their Heat Pump or Air Conditioning System serviced, waited till it was too hot to sleep, and placed an emergency call to fix their System. All of you at once! You can avoid the “Spring Break” by doing a little preventive maintenance. First, clean out around your outdoor unit. You may find sticks and leaves have fell on or piled up around it over the winter. Second, change your air filter. Third, start your Air Conditioning System early and make sure it runs OK. If you need help or just want to “have it done by a professional”, please call Foothills Mechanical Service. We are here to help. Remember, just a little Preventive Maintenance could keep you from being caught up in the “Spring Rush”!

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